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We will be publishing 3 new books soon:

  • Laser in Medicine
  • Laser in Dental Medicine
  • Laser Safety Guidelines

Laser training courses

Due to the ongoing pandemic, lockdowns and travel restrictions, no courses are available at the moment. We will announce new dates as soon as the situation allows.

We are planning to organize advanced laser training courses in 2022, in cooperation with academic institutions, in California, USA.

Research programs

Three laser research programs will be launched in 2022. We will announce the dates as soon as the pandemic situation allows.


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LASER in Medicine

For the last four decades, the application of LASER in medicine and surgery has been profound. Today LASER has contributed to a boom in therapeutic and diagnostic strategies of many pathologies in the different fields of medicine.

Thus LASER is a rapidly diffusing technology and there should be no hesitation to say that every specialty of medicine and surgery is now engaged in development and experimentation with laser applications.

The implementation of laser in surgery has increased the maximum application of laser devices and has given great comfort to the patients and doctors during the time of surgery.

— Prof. Dr. Youssef Ben Hatit
President of the European Laser Academy (ELA)